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Meet The Team


At Andrea’s Insurance & Tax we take great pride in how our team goes above and beyond to service our clients. The value, knowledge and care we give to each one of our Insurance & Tax clients is what makes us stand out. I have been fortunate enough to help my team grow as individuals and employees and fulfill their own role in the business. We take pride in our work and share 26 years of combined knowledge. 

We have been nominated Yuma's best 2022, and our goal is to continue to be the best year after year! 
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me! I hope to help yourself or family in the future if I don’t already do so!


Andrea Flores

Founder & CEO

My name is Andrea Flores founder & creator of Andreas Insurance & Tax. I am a born and raised Yuma gal and absolutely love my hometown, there is nothing more enlightening then your small town supporting your business & dreams! My heart is for YUMA!


I am a proud mother of 3 honest, compassionate and humble young boys. Two of them play travel soccer and that keeps us extremely busy and on the road often.

I am also a sister to 4 amazing hard working, phenomenal men! And a daughter to one compassionate, caring mother who is always there for each one of her kids! It’s a huge honor to have the family I have. I am aware it’s so special and I don’t take that for granted! 

I absolutely love working out it’s a big part of my daily ritual. I’ve fallen in love with Yoga and mediation these rituals have really helped ground me and bring so much peace into my daily life. 

Clarissa Rodriguez

Licensed Insurance Agent

My name is Clarissa Rodriguez, I’ve been a licensed Insurance agent with Andrea’s Insurance and tax for 8 years. I would describe myself As an honest, hard working and compassionate employee. My goal is to help educate my clients and guide them in the right direction, all while providing exceptional customer service. What I believe makes me stand out from the rest is my dedication and passion in my work with helping others. Andrea's Insurance has helped me grow into the person I am today and I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for myself and my team ❤️


Jackie Ruelas

Licensed Insurance Agent

My name is Jackie Ruelas.
I'm a small town girl from Blythe, CA
I am a licensed  insurance agent with Andrea's Insurance & Tax with over 6 years of experience. I became an insurance agent because I am passionate about helping people in the community. I believe it is my responsibility  to guide each of my customers through their questions and provide the products and knowledge that can serve them best.

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